Cantiere F.lli Marchi ®


The highest level of prestige and exclusivity are combined with top technology and design to give status to class cruisers. Boats that are not created with a series in mind, but which give thought to the personalization of the internal layout and finishing at the owners request. A mix of modern technology, accurate design and attention to detail and to the choice of materials: Yankee Delta of Monza, for high quality and lasting value.

This boat has been constructed with fibreglass and has received R.I.Na. classification. Top-quality materials have been laid by hand whilst gel coat has been used for the exterior finishing. The deck and aftcockpit have superimposed teak blocks which are glued together with the appropriate resin. The seams are filled with black-rubber coping. The deck and flybridge have an anti-slip coating.
Particular care has been taken over the reinforced internal structure, the assembly of the bulkheads and the construction of the supporting girders.

Built exclusivity in plywood in accordance with R.I.Na. requirements.
The interior is finished in ash or whichever other wood is required, and it is all protected by a clear marine varnish. All upholstery, carpets, mats, etc. are made with high quality materials. The sofa and molding have a calf skin covering available in a wide range of colors. Special attention is given to choice of fitting, we opt for those which have a proven long life. The electrical installation are capable of coping with more than amount demanded at any one time in order to reduce likelihood of shortcircuiting.

2 separate beds, cupboards and stowage space, separate bath with shower, air conditioning, deckhead illumination, mattresses, porthole curtains and stereo unit.

Double bed, writing desk, small divan, cupboards and bathroom with separate shower. The cabin is equipped with an air-conditioning and heating system with inverse circulation, a stereo unit with speakers and a 10" color television. Deckhead illumination and bed reading light, safe, foam mattresses and pillows, upholstery in leather and other materials, fitted carpeting and porthole curtains.

Pressurized W.C. steel sink with porcelain cover, bidét, hot and cold water tap, adjustable shower nozzle, extractor fan, ventilator, mirrors, soaptray, toilet-roll holder, 2 deckhead lamps, 200/24 volt plugs, folding door, marble floors, oval porthole and porthole curtain.

Separate beds, cupboards, separate air-conditioning system and stereo unit with speakers. Every cabin has a personal bath, deckhead illumination and bed reading light, fitted carpets, porthole curtains, foam mattresses, upholstery in leather and other materials.

A W.C. with depressor, bidet, porcelained-glazed sink, hot and cold water taps, toilet-paper holder, deckhead illumination, porthole, porthole curtain, 220/24 volt sockets. Marble floorsand separate shower.

With leather divans, large dining table, air-conditioning system, deckhead lighting and lampshade.

Various cupboards, 4 cooking hobs, microwave oven, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, double sink with rubbish compactor, eletric hatch, marble worktops and floors with anti-stain finish.

Leather divan, solid wood furniture, stereo unit, color TV, air-conditioning, various deckhead light fixtures, curtained windows, coffee table.

Control station with hydraulic helm position, hydraulically powered level for engine control, instrument panel with ignition key and alarm buzzers for pressure and temperature, auxiliary instrument planet: 48Mradar, color display echosounder, G.P.S., Plotter, log, V.H.F., SSB 150 watt, automatic pilot, compass. The instrumentation is interlinked for integral operation. Windshield wipers, light switches, crab, navigation lights, flaps, helsman's seat with electrical control panel beneath.

Teak flooring, broadside peak tanks and air intakes, interior lighting, aft exit, hidden command station with radio, aft mooring capstans with push-button control, mooring bits, aft maneuvering lights, hydraulically operating bathing steps, hidden shower.

Solid teak, stainles steel pulpits, 6 stainless steel mooring bits and fairlead, 2000 watt push button controlled anchor winch, bow stanchion, 75 m chain, C.Q.R. or Danforth anchor, anchorage light on the life-line pulpit. Fore and side windows and aft exit in stainless steel with tempered glass.
On the forward upper section of the deck there are two t bays for the stowage of tenders.

Instrument panel for the second hydraulically-controlled helm position, instrumentation for the engines and related alarms, light switches, winch, flaps, interior lights, navigational controls, color screen echosounder, log, second automatic pilot station, second V.H.F. station, roll-bar to support the antennas, horn and tender winch. The furnishings include a large divan with central table, furniture for housing a refrigerator and sink with tap, sunbathing mattresses and steps - externally in steel, internally in bronze and perspex.

4 automatically controlled bilge pumps, device for pumping water from the engine room via a by-pass of the engines, emergency pump operated by means of the fire pumps controlled by "clarinet" valves, manually operated fine hydrants forward and aft, Halon installation in the engine room controlled by pumps external to the engine room and automatic fuel cut-off, also with controls outside the engine room.

Built and insulated with sound-proof materials. particular attention was given to the main engine supports. Two diesel engine have been installed, each developing 1100 HP, eqipped with reversing and reduction gears. The central line is in Aquamet V174 steel with access to the hull through a stuffing box. Bronze external supports with hydro-oiled bearings. Four-bladed propellers in Mibral. Inoxidable Raiser with sea-water cooling. Sea water is allowed to enter by mesns of intakes which have a spherical valve and a decantation filter. The fuel supply passes through double decantation filters with an alarm system that is activated by the entry of water. In the engine room there is a console for controlling the main engines when starting, stopping and turning and for checking pressure and temperature. Appropriate air intakes and extractors are installed in order to recycle air in the engine room.

Composed of insulated stainless steel casings with external regulating valves. The copper fuel pipes are coated with bronze. Before the fuel passes into the engine it is decanted and prefiltered.

Stainless steel tank, water maker with a capacity of 100 liters/hour, all installations with plastic, bronze-coated pipes. Hot water boiler. Taps and accessories of the highest quality.

The electrical installation is composed of fire-proof cables, sectioned to 50% more than the required measurement. Three groups of accumulator guarantee that all on-board electrical appliances are served, together with the bow-thruster. A 16 Kw generator, monophased for A.C. 220 V supplies on-board requirements. Air-conditioning and recharges for the accumulators are also installed.

50 m non-corrosive mooring ropes, antifouling, launching in the ship-yard. Prime starting oilmotors, diesel oil for tests and general inspections, certificate of Conformity issued by the R.I.Na. (Italian Shipping Bureau). A stamped copy of the invoiced from the Shipping Bureau or alternatively authorization from the Ministry for Export. The boat builder (boatbuilder) reserves the right to modify the present specifications, when it deems necessary, to alter the type of equipment or parts not described in these technical specifications.

The manufacturer will accept responsibility for any fault reported within 12 months from delivery and will repair or replace faulty parts providing that the fault is not caused by held negligence or misuse of the vessel. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any accessories or equipment that have their own manufacturer's guarantee. Any traveling expenses incurred are to be born by the owner. The manufacturer cannot accept responsibility for any work or modifications carried out which are not authorized by its own boatyard.

Cantiere F.lli Marchi ®