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F.lli MArchi boatyard
refitt "Gipsy Moth III"

Restoration of "Gipsy Moth III"
Gipsy Moth III

In Spring 1998 the Marchi's brothers shipyard of Campalto (Mestre-Venice) has completed the restoration of Gipsy Moth III, the 12 metres boat in mahogany planking by which the notorious English sailor Sir Francis Chichester, Her Majesty's the Queen's baronet, won the transatlantic in lone sailor form Plymouth (England) to Rhode Island (Usa) in 1960. The boat, built in 1959 by the Irish shipyard John Tyrrell of Arklow, was discovered in bad conditions in Gibaltrar and bought by its new English shipowner. the intention was to save a mythical boat like the sailor who possessed it, the same one who 7 yeras later, on the Gipsy Moth IV have faced the circumnavigation of the globe in lone sailor. Transported by sea to the Marchi's shipyard, the Gipsy Moth III (see picture) has been subjected to a radical restauration, during which works have been done on planking, deck, deckhouse, general plans and metalic parts.
After a series of navigations in the Mediterranean the boat made its route again towards England, its original fatherland.

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