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Marchi 72' Wide Body
A Marchi in all its width

The Marchi 72 Wide Body hasn’t got lateral gangways. The passage from poop to prow is through some stairs leading up to the fly and descending to the deck.

The Italian boat builder (boatbuilder) Cantiere Marchi, based in Venice, is presently building a new 72 feet yacht. The design comes from Yankee Delta, the well know office of Massimo Gregori. The yacht is built with fiberglass and shows a couple of quite interesting new ideas. Together with the long-time experience of Cantiere Marchi and the state-of -the-art technology, the yacht is expected to be a success.
First of all, the yacht is a "wide body": that is to say, the saloon uses the whole beam of the boat, thus allowing a comfort and room really uncommon. One would expect a saloon that large on a much bigger yacht.
This new Marchi 72' comes in two versions: a classic one, as seen on the drawings, plus a RIB version, with side inflatables. Marchi already builds a number of smaller yachts in the RIB configuration.
Yankee Delta and Massimo Gregori are behind this RIB yachts of Marchi too. They started with a Superbly 33', then a 36' came and recently the Super Alfa 52'. The side inflatables are built with Kevlar fabric and allow the yacht to float even in case of compete flooding. They give high safety standards while maneuvering near other boats or piers. But mainly they give the yacht an incredible stability, reducing pitch and roll. The motion of the yacht is much smoother, mainly with rough sea.
Several professional customers (pilots, navy, customs) already use Marchi's RIBs: and a growing interest is showing among yachtsmen.
Massimo Gregori's design is new but not too futuristic, as it was with the Super Alfa 52'. Yankee Delta team really created an unique line.
The three dimensional drawings (a cooperation with Alex De Pascalis) show how the 72' bridge joins large covered room with correct dimensional ratios.
There's great attention to open spaces: there are two large sofas near the bow, with twin tables. They can easily be transformed in two wide sunbathing platforms. The stern cockpit sofa is round and hangs over the aft platform. A small car can be set on the platform. The arrangements (perspective drawings by Bruno Baldioli) are built with high grade materials

Principal dimensions of Marchi 72' WB are:
 Length all out : m. 22.20 - 72' 9"
 Waterline length: m. 17.80 - 58' 5"
 Beam: m. 6 - 19' 7"
 Draft: m. 1 - 3'3"
 Half load displacement: kg. 40,000 - lbs 88,000
 Engines: twin diesel from 1300 to 1550 hp each
 Speed: from 32 to 38 knots

Cantiere Marchi has 76 years experience: together with Massimo Gregori and his Yankee Delta Studio they can offer all customers a personal choice of materials, layout, engines selection and speed.
Marchi 72'
To note that the prow's dinettes
turn into two spacious sunbeds.

Innnovative solutions for the new 22 metres by Marchi, a motoryacht wich distinguishes itself for the wideness of spaces under and below deck.

The same spaces at the deck’s level are particularly big thanks to the wide body solution which allows the exploitation of the gangways’ width.

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